Quail Run Pottery

Quail Run Pottery is owned by artist Elizabeth Krome. It is located in Toano, Virginia. To visit or for more information, please contact us at 757-566-1990.

kiln photo

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2 Responses to Quail Run Pottery

  1. ekrome says:

    HI Jennifer — If it’s mine, you should be able to see my name inscribed on the bottom — either Elizabeth Krome or, if it’s small, E Krome. Where was the auction?

  2. ekrome says:

    Oh, how very lovely to hear from you! Amidst all the spam cluttering my website comments — here is a message I want!

    I wish I had half a dozen teapots for you to choose from, but at the moment I have none. My usual January teapot-making time was pre-empted this year by a long spell of hospital time with my mother (she’s okay now). I’ve always found I needed leisurely time for making teapots–it feels to me like having toddlers, having to watch them so closely that you can’t really do much else. I’m firing one more kiln before I take off for the summer, and, having just done six shows in the last 24 days, I have a little less pressure now. Maybe knowing that you want a teapot will be the motivation to include some teapots in this kiln. If you can wait until mid-June to replace Jack’s teapot (and I’ll understand perfectly if you can’t), I’ll make a few and send you some images.

    Thanks for thinking of me, Chots — hearing from you has started my day in such a nice way.

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