Artist’s Statement

My pots are fairly simple and unadorned, and for years I felt apologetic for this. A few years ago, however, I began to look at my work differently. When I displayed my pots at a large regional gathering of Quakers, I finally had the context to explain my work to myself. One of the traditional Quaker testimonies is the value of simplicity, and I realized that I hands on clayhad been making Quaker pots long before I arrived at Friends’ Meeting. As my pots evolve, I now have a perspective on my aesthetic journey. I am no longer fighting my inclination to make straightforward, functional, well-designed pots.I relate to clay primarily through touch. Sitting at the wheel, I love the feeling of the clay changing shape in my hands. Holding finished pots, I treasure the luscious curve of a just-right bowl; the handle of a well-balanced mug, the satisfaction of a well-fit casserole lid. I make pots to be used. My hope is that the pleasure I find in making these pots will be shared by those who use them.

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